Monday, January 7, 2013

Is It Bad...

My Dear Friends, today I ask you...
Is it bad that I still have some Christmas Presents sitting out and not put away?
Is it bad that I have 1 basket full of clean clothes that has been sitting in my room 1 week and not put away?
Is it bad that my kids are doing their homework on the floor because our homework center is still a bar from all of our Holiday Parties we had (we hosted 7 of them!)
Is it bad that I used the homework center as our Party Bar?
Is it bad that I just finished the roll of toilet paper in the bathroom and just propped the new one on top of the dispenser and not in the holder?
Is it bad that my basement is a disaster from the weekend and instead of cleaning it up, I closed the door.
Is it bad that instead of packing for a week out of town, I plan on just picking up all the new clothes laying on my floor from Christmas and shoving them in a bag.
Is it bad that instead of doing all the above, I have made myself a cuppa and am sitting here reading blogs?

I am having one of those days...

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Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

It'll get done eventually I'm sure! :-)

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