Monday, January 21, 2013

Thinking about school...

I came across this quote the other day and it hit so close to home. My children go to a private school, and we have been sending children there for 3 years now. We fell in love with the school at the beginning and continued to love what they were doing. They have an excellent curriculum and a dedicated teaching staff, which is what has always bound us to them. Recently though, our feelings have  been changing and I keep wondering to myself; if I am so upset with a school THAT I AM PAYING THROUGH THE NOSE FOR, then why do I continue to do it?
I don't doubt the excellent academic available at this school but this year they have felt the need to begin accepting children that ARE NOT ready for a school environment. On top of doing this, they have also allowed them in class with Kindergarten and First Grade (combined class) with one teacher and no assistant. These children are as young as 3 and NOT called Preschoolers, from the official standpoint of the school, they DO NOT have a preschool. This is a GREAT opportunity for children with the WILL and DESIRE to learn, children that WANT to learn and are able to sit still. Instead the classroom is full of children that get up out of their seats throughout the day, some even leaving the classroom!!! There are children that cry all day, to the point of screaming, where it disrupts the rest of the class and then there are the children that are not even potty trained. Are you catching my drift here? 

My frustration is NOT geared towards these children AT ALL, they are just not ready for school. These children are too young to be in such a structured environment and should in fact be in a play filled preschool. This teacher has been pitched too much with all these different levels of learning and it's causing the children to fall behind from where they were. My youngest is in the class right now and is a full quarter behind of where my older 2 were when they were in the same class. This is the first year that there have been so many unruly children in the same room as them and it's a new teacher. When my children come home and tell me about their day and how unhappy they are, I wonder why I continue to pay for something that I am not happy with. That sounds so ridiculous and yet I don't know what to do?! What do you think?

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