Monday, January 28, 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

How was everyone this past weekend? We had an absolute blast with a birthday party for the oldest kids and evenings with friends. This was a weekend that was full of freezing rain and dangerously slippery roads but it was cozy and so much fun that we didn't want it to end.

We have been planning for a close-to-home Spring Break trip. Off we will head to Springfield, as my daughter is all about Lincoln right now for some odd reason. We will spend a full day there and then head to St. Louis afterwards. Once in St. Louis we will spend a few days at the Arch, Zoo & Museums. It is a fun, laid back trip that will have us enjoying one another's company and learning as well!

It's time to start thinking of Valentine's! Here is a heart template for you to get creative with! We are sending out envelopes full of 'conversation hearts' that tell the receiver 14 things we love about them! <3 p="">
Here is one of our envelopes! What are you doing this week???
This week, Autumn's teacher has asked for my play dough recipe in order to make some for their FUN DAY. I decided to hand it to her on something cute instead of just writing it down on notebook paper and tearing it out! I thought it came out so cute that I had to give you all the blank cards!


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