Friday, February 22, 2013

Around the House...

Happy Friday! As many of you know, we just bought a house in August. We are slowly trying to make it our own, as time and money allow. Our work on the house usually begins on the weekends and that is only if my husband doesn't have to work OT and we don't have other family plans or things to drive our children to. Soooo you pretty much see how it's a painstaking process!
Here is one of my favorite places in the house. During a rain storm, my husband and I love to turn the couch around and just sit and watch it all come down. It's amazing and so calming. This week, I will be changing the ribbon around the 'S' to an all black color so that I can just leave it at that all year, instead of constantly changing it out based on the season. 

Our Family Command Center is SLOWLY getting started. I have a Dry Erase Calendar up along with a cork board and some file boxes. I would like to spell out LOVE in between those and then Family at the top. It is just a matter of finding what we need. I plan on adding another thinner and skinnier cork board to use as a menu board or maybe even a chalkboard. Still haven't found what I want yet. This space is ever evolving but I am glad that it is finally in it's beginning stages. 
Welcome to my livingroom coffee table. This is a giant magnet, is yours? It's a clutter magnet that I have to clean every.single.evening. Add in that it's glass and I have to clean it twice a day! LOL! How does it manage to constantly attract everything?? I should have taken this photo last night, so you could see how it looks at the end of a day! LOL!!

This is a picture of my evenings. No lie. Once the kids go to bed, my husband and I can be found in front of the fireplace playing games and drinking tea. We discuss the kids, our day, his work. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long and often tiring day.

I shared our classroom desk last week with you all and have just recently started adding various things to the space. Our latest addition is the low shelf that I knew I wanted in the space. Next thing that I need will be some frames in order to frame some artwork that I want to display under the shelf. It looked to naked under there. What's going on around your house?

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