Friday, February 15, 2013

Bind a Book on the Cheap!

My kids are always making me books and I am always binding together brochures and worksheets and the like. It can all add up when you have to do a lot of them and 1 staple just isn't always strong enough. This is so cheap and easy to do!

Do your kiddos like to make books for you? Mine do all the time! This little hint comes in perfectly all the time!

Today, I had to bind together Roman's Phonograms.

All you need is: (If your paper has holes in it, if not add a hole punch to punch in 3 holes!)
2 or 3 long Rubber Bands (Linked together)
2 Jumbo Paperclips
1 Brad

Slip the brad through the center hole so that the button is at the top of the book. This is so that your book does not sag in the middle.

Put your rubberband train on a paperclip. Use 1 clip at each end of the train. Now use one end to 'thread' through 1 set of holes with the paperclip ending up on the top. The other paperclip keeps the entire band train from following through the book and loosening all your pages.

Thread your other end all the way through the book and remove paperclip (You only need 1 clip to secure your book, they just make it easier to get through the holes than just a rubberband). Slip empty rubberband onto the existing paperclip.

To get it all to secure perfectly, tuck the paperclip behind the button of the brad and you are all set!!!

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