Friday, February 1, 2013

Book Page Table Runner

It's FRIDAY! It's FEBRUARY! Time to get my act together. Here is another Free Book Project! We made a book page table runner as decor for our book exchange party. This one was so easy and has the most impact. It's wonderful. We plan on tea staining it in the near future but for now, it's beautiful. 
As I stated last, a free book goes a long way! This book was old and already had lost pages and many loose pages hanging out. As much as it hurts to do this to a book, I knew this one was destined for the trash as it was missing too much but I knew this would extend its life a little more. 
This project is so easy, even the Littles got involved. All we needed was a roll of craft paper cut to length, torn pages and a glue stick! Once your Kraft paper is all cut out, just have the kids start gluing. The reason this is so perfect for children is that they do not have to be glued on in any order or direction AT ALL! Just glue and pat down. 
When we were finished I laid it all out on the floor and had the children walk all over it, hop all over it and even sit on it to make sure the pages laid flat and stayed secure on the paper. 
We put it on our dining room table to see how it looks and it's perfect!!! I cannot wait to see it out as decoration for our party. So much fun and excitement with all these new projects that one little book can make.

I still have more projects to post, I have just had a sick Little at home and he is passing it through the family. One day, I hope we will all be healthy at the same time!!!

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