Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cart Transformation

As I have recently shared with you, we are new to homeschoolers now! I am so excited for this adventure but it meant having to get my butt in gear QUICKLY! While we await the arrival of our curriculum I decided it was time to turn our boring old bar cart (that came in our basement when we bought the house) into a mobile classroom! We want to keep the surfaces in the classroom clear and clutter free, so everything will be housed on the cart that we can shuffle into the front hall closet when we have company over!

Step in Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint from Home Depot! This is the color that matches most in the classroom area. I wanted it to blend in  because I am pretty sure it will be a hot mess by the end of every week! First to tape off the wheels and random parts here and there and then a few coats of this and 24 hours of drying time and we were ready to rock!

I cannot BELIEVE what a difference this made! It looks amazing and now I am thinking that it should be a bar cart again! LOL! I absolutely adore how it turned out and for 1 hours worth of time and $8.00 in spray paint, I say it was successful!

Have you changed anything up recently??? Link me in the comments!!!

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