Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun with the States!

My kids are studying Presidents, States and Capitols right now and I am always on the look out for anything related to any of those topics. The kids can use them for years to come and there are always ways to make them fun. 

While shopping at the thrift lately, I found the EXACT SAME Fandex that we already own and for only .49!!! What a STEAL! While my husband didn't understand why on earth I would want another one, my brain was already running away with ideas.

Using our EXTRA State Fandex that we found for less than .50 at a thrift, we made a fun game and Geography Lesson!
1.Autumn & Gabriel cut out each of the states very carefully around the outline.
2. Roman cut out the State names when they were done.
3. All 3 kids based on sight alone attempted to match up state shapes with names and tape the name on the back.
4. With the leftover states, they used the complete fandex to put the correct names to states.

5. With each state having the name on the back, we now have visual flashcards!
6. We can put together a large USA map on the floor.
7. With the capitol of each state starred on the state, we can even play states and capitols.

So many fun uses and learning opportunities for so very little!

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