Saturday, February 23, 2013

Homeschool Organization!

The weekend is here!!! It has been a long week full of learning and fun. As we head into our 2nd full week of homeschooling, I can honestly say that I am learning along with the kids.We are working out the kinks still but enjoying each others company. I wanted to share our latest organizational tip.

A. Each child has a folder that is tabbed using cardstock as dividers and just label stickers folded in half to make a tall tab. 
B. Each child has a wipeable checklist of all the subjects to be covered that day. The sheet is in a page protector so that they can check it off with each subject that goes by and reuse it another day.
C. Within each day the subjects are stapled together and then separated with paperclips and an index card telling them what subject it is. 

D. When they are done with that subject the index card and paperclip are slipped into the page protector all to be used again. 
The opposite side of the folder in the right pocket is set up the exact same way, so that I have 2 weeks worth of work ready to go. This is in case life gets in the way (as it inevitably does) or we choose to go on vacation and they can bring the work with them or anything at all.
The folders allow us to pick up and throw some things in a sack and head to the library, park or museum to do our work for the day!

Have a Great Weekend My Friends!

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