Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lasting Impressions

Thursday means the week is almost over, yay! Now that we are learning at home, I look forward to the weekend so that we can spend time with Daddy. I really love having my children home with me and seeing how their faces light up when they learn something new. As we start on our adventure in homeschooling, I am learning tips and tricks along the way.

One of my favorite things to keep on hand at all times, are page protectors. They are handy for their real purpose but above it all, they are AWESOME for their Dry-Erase capabilities! I pick up packs whenever I see them on clearance or at thrift shops!
My youngest is learning his phonics sounds and we play a fun game with his learning. As he tells me each sound of each letter, he gets to draw on the box that he knows. HE LOVES TO DRAW! If he gets it wrong he leaves it blank. We make our way through all 72 sounds and when we are through, he gets to go back and study the ones he got wrong. He has so much fun and since he loves to draw, he studies hard to get it right. These are just printed cards on paper and we have made them last with page protectors and bound them with a simple paperclip and rubber band as shown in this previous post!

BINGO games are huge in our house, but I DETEST those little markers (Plastic or Paper). They always seem to get lost or bent and ALWAYS litter the floor. My easy solution? I slipped each playing card into a Plastic Sheet Protector & everyone just uses a dry erase marker to mark their game. I leave the top on the protector open, so that can switch their boards around if need be. I tape them to size with packing tape! Use an old and clean sock as the eraser!

When we are writing letters to friends and family members, we put a practice paper in a page protector in order for them to 'practice' what they want to write and say, so that they can erase mistakes and then just copy it onto regular paper when they are ready for their final draft!
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