Thursday, February 14, 2013

Tasty Valentine Treat Thursday

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!!! A Day of Love, Laughter and Friendships. Treasure them all and trust that life only gets better from here. A magical day full of love to you all!

My Valentine's Day LOVE treat for my Littles is this AWESOME snack I tried out on them Tuesday night and they LOVED IT! Banana slices are rolled into sprinkles and topped with a small confetti cookie and chocolate chip! So simple and yet they LOVED them! Even Daddy couldn't get enough!

Have your kids write some love letters and then deliver them in person! Nothing more fun than a personal valentine!!!

A Heart stencil for any crafts you may dream up! We made a fun garland for our mantel! I will share that photo soon!! Enjoy the day my friends!
So very true! 

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