Saturday, March 16, 2013

Classroom Coordination

I should be sleeping but instead I am still awake blogging. I seriously need to get on a better schedule but all I do is say that and never work towards it. Must work towards it! I have a tour of my classroom coming up this week for you all but for now I wanted to share the way I display my posters in the classroom. If I have multiples that are similar, I hang them back to back on cup hooks. This allows me to change them out regularly and it also gives me the added bonus of adding on coordinating flashcards for the kids to use as they interact with the poster.

My Solar System border sits at the top of the wall but right below it on a cup hook are planet flashcards. They have the exact same photos as the ones in the border, which make it super easy for kids to see the planets in their correct location and learn even more about them. Also in the photo, you can see a cup hook holding a Presidents Card, this hook holds many government Flash Charts all in one spot. I don't have to keep them hidden away in a binder, which makes them do double duty! They are a decoration but ALSO they can and often times are just grabbed and read!

This corkboard USA has a ring of matching state cards directly below it but the best part of this piece is that we have started marking the states we have visited. It's so much fun to begin learning with the places we have been. Little by little as we travel the USA, the kids are getting HANDS ON learning but even better is that they sit by this map with the cards and look at where they want to go next.

This MASSIVE world map takes up a large chunk of wall space, it is so detailed and perfect that the kids and I often just attack it with Dry Erase markers making notes of where we have been and where we want to go. To the left of the it, is the hook that holds the Countries and Capitols cards. As we discuss where we would LOVE to go, we read all about it. 

Our Government section. The Flash Charts that I mentioned earlier along with the cup hooks holding multiple posters that can be changed out. These are all laminated as well because they are really PLACEMATS!! It allows the kids to take them down and write on them. Using the coordinating flashcards, this is an easy CENTER in the room for use during Quiet Time.

I also have an ever changing display in a small nook of the room. This has a topic of the month that will change out periodically along with coordinating books. On the clothesline above it will be changing topics, art work or anything at all that we can think of! 
The Multiplication Table chart is one of the reasons I came up with the cupholders, I like it out for the kids to work with along with flashcards but when it was time for a test, I wanted to have it covered without making an extra mess or having to do too many steps. 
The Numbers chart is another sign on the cup hooks with the Multiplication Chart that I switch out with when needed. It's so easy to do that the kids often help me out.

Enjoy the weekend my friends!

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