Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Parking Garage

Can this week just be over with already? School was a breeze today as everyone just had a day full of tests that flew on by. It left us with a great big gap in the morning and I asked them what they wanted to do. ART ART ART was the resounding answer. I pulled down the recycle bin (minus a couple wine bottles--I had a party this weekend!!) and let them have at it. Wouldn't you know that AMAZING things happen when you have 3 kids of different ages at work here? What started out as a game board (mimicking our race car sight words folder game), quickly turned into a parking garage. They started with paper towel and toilet paper tubes but didn't have enough. They moved on to Crystal Light (target brand) containers and realized they were short one. A little engineering work from them had them using 3 and just moving the third one to a more balanced location. As I watched 3 brains work, I was amazed at how homeschooling has brought them together. There was no bickering or putting down, they worked together, encouraged and even improved on ideas instead of laughing some off.

2 water bottle cases cardboard pieces, 3 Target Powder drink mix containers and 4 rulers all made this happen. They used 2 rulers to make each ramp! Construction paper was the first thing to be used as a ramp but they realized that it was far too flimsy. They had already been using the rulers to make parking spots, this was perfect. 
While the project didn't take them long to make, it certainly made a memory for me. Seeing my 3 kids work together like this made me realize just how much we are on the right path!

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