Thursday, March 7, 2013

Homemade Literacy Centers!

My youngest Little is learning to read right now and I like to change up his literacy centers, so he doesn't always get bored with it. I try to create as much as I can at home, to keep costs down and we also borrow videos from the library! The photo above is a letter flip book to work on word families. You can do this with any of them, but this one is for the -OY family.

I made this wheel with a simple brad and 2 pieces of paper for the -AT family.

This game is made from a Target Brand Crystal Lite Container & some letter tiles. I cut a hole in the lid and he has to hunt for the vowels and put them in the box. Hunting and saying each letter to see if it is a vowel helps so much with letter recognition. 
Letter tiles again with flashcards and his phonograms cards make a game that has a few more steps. As he studies a sound (SH shown here), he finds the matching flashcard and then spells it out with the letter tiles, sounding out the letters as he goes. 
Sight Words Parking Lot is his favorite. I saw a sight word and then sound it out slowly. He then drives his car to the proper parking spot. If he needs to play this alone, the little pocket on the right holds photos of the words and he just puts the photos in the proper slot. I made this game using worksheet pages from his schoolbooks. I find it such a waste to just throw away those colorful pages after he has written on them. 

Are you reading 20 minutes a day with your littles? It is so important but also so fun! I incorporated the use of a pointer when reading with the youngest. As I say each word, the pointer follows along, so he can visually identify where we are and the sound of that word. 
Keep a reading log, so that your children can see just how much they are reading and you can keep track of how long!

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