Monday, March 11, 2013

Math Folders & 5-A-Day

Wow, it was an insanely busy weekend and I am so sorry that I forgot to post about our Math folders and 5-A-Day books from last week. I am going to update all of that today! As I mentioned on Friday, we don't do a math notebook, I put the information on manila folders for them and then cover it in packing tape, so that they can write on it as though it were a dry erase board. In these folders, I have a stapled pack of computer paper for them to use as scratch paper. They just tear off a page and attach it to the work they are turning in, that way there is no roaming around during tests looking for paper or during homework time. They are not allowed the folders during tests, just during learning times. All links to the items I used in my folders are found HERE!

I have a place value chart which is really helping my first grader as he works with them. It allows them to plug the number in and find out what the place value is, if there is a decimal point in the number, you put that in first and then the numbers! So cute! Gallon Measurement page is helpful to a couple of them and my first grader is using the regrouping page, which is so helpful. There is also a DIVISION chart. Once again all pages can be found here! 
I made up this measurement chart that my daughter was struggling with. This one has helped her the most and I am glad it helped her, as she reviews it daily she is able to memorize it.  
Multiplication Tables are helpful to the 2 oldest and while my oldest knows her flashcards within 2 seconds, my youngest is working on getting there, so hopefully this will help him as much as it helped Autumn. You can find the link to the original HERE. 
This past week, we really enjoyed our 5-A-Day. Every other week, I allow Roman to pick the 5 and as you can tell by the selection. He chose:
I Just Forgot
Plenty of Penguins
Race Around The World
How true is this? Have a great Monday friends!

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