Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Creative Table

Our creative table has been getting a lot of use lately! We've been testing out all of our markers and making a bucket of the ones that don't work. We are going to be making watercolors in the coming week! How fun and exciting. 
Sentence strips took on a new role when they were cut up and turned into crowns! The kids wore these all week in class and they were so proud of them! I love when kids get crafty! They are perfect for class Birthday Crowns!!
Just Rocks are a new addition to our table and they have been getting the most use! The kids are absolutely loving them and you know what? Mommy is too!! Check them out here and you will love them too! They are easy to grip for little hands and they are all natural! 
A variety of hole punches and glue sticks are always a fun favorite that always find their way to the table. I throw glue sticks in this bin, so the kids can glue their punches on paper to make patterns or cards, but mainly it gives them a place to put the punchies and not all over the floor!
Keep sharpened pencils at the ready for children to always be inspired to write. I also keep scissors, erasers and sharpeners near them so that they never have to go far in search of anything. (Updated Monday: I used to keep these in a plastic shower caddy but I got this cute stand for my birthday and it's perfect for now!)
Use egg cartons to section out paint for the kidlets! This is absolutely perfect with no clean up, making it super easy to paint and then toss.

I've been truly Blessed readers and I wish the same for you!

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