Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Read to the FINISH!

I am using a car carpet as a learning tool in the classroom today! I set out Sight Word Cards (from our sight word memory game, information coming Thursday) on the road portion of the carpet, covering all of the roads. The minute he saw this when he came into the room this morning, his eyes lit up and he was eager to learn. 
Roman has to drive his car from start (lower right hand corner) all the way down the paths of the words he knows, collecting cards as he goes. There are options in the road to go either left or right and this helps him choose which words he is stronger on. Eventually as the game goes on, he will make it to all the words and each card will be collected from the roadways.
If he does not know a word and cannot sound it out, it gets PARKED in one of the 6 parking spaces on the mat. These PARKED cards will be dealt with at a later time. If he does not know more than six, he can just double park in a spot. I told him that double parking gets him a ticket, so he has to try his hardest to not double park because it's really not allowed. You should see how hard he tries to sound out words a couple times before giving his final answer!! 

With the PARKED words, he must take them to the RACE TRACK for a lightning round. In this round, We SAY, SPELL, SAY each word 3 times out loud and then place it on the race track. After sounding out all these PARKED words, we are ready to start the game on the race track portion.

He has so much fun driving his car around, that I honestly don't think he believes he is learning!!

Reading opens you up to so many different worlds that it should be a true treasure to know how to read!!

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