Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday School Round-Up

Happy Saturday friends, for some reason I keep feeling as though it were Sunday already! This week has absolutely sailed by, so much so that I feel as though I have accomplished so much. It was a fabulous week in the homeschooling world and I know it will only continue to improve. My children are finally somewhere that the Lord has led us. They are HAPPY, HEALTHY and SAFE! Let me share a few things that my youngest and I worked on this week. 

Dominoes are so awesome for math in learning. They can be used in so many ways. First, I took a sheet of printed dominoes and handed them to my Little. I told him to match them up on the paper when he found the matches. Once that was done, I had him use the white line as an addition sign and give an answer.
We use a learning clock for more than just the normal activities that it was intended for. I took a set of time flashcards and have him make the time and then tell the time. It's fun for him to use the colorful and fun cards and play with a clock that he made! Making it fun, makes them think that they are playing and not really learning! LOL!

Sight Word Learning! One of our literacy centers has sight word flashcards alongside a wipe board with dry erase markers and an eraser. He has to sound out the word, write it and try and say it alone. He struggles with this one,but he loves the dry erase so he enjoys doing it.
Sight Word Spell! Roman absolutely loves this one! He uses a Boggle Game to spell the words on his sight word cards and then attempt to sound out the word as he adds letter by letter, blending as he goes.

Pipe Cleaner counters make counting by 10's so much fun! Especially when he is the one that made them. He also uses them with his math work.
Homeschooling space is at a premium here and I use! Here I attached a pocket chart to the side of our mobile classroom cart. I set up a beginning sounds game for him to sit on the floor with and match on the chart. It challenges him just enough to keep him occupied while I help the older children.
100 is such a big number to a little guy and our 100 chart game is a favorite. He learns to count that high and at the same time has fun doing it!!! We take our 1-100 flashcards and if we are playing together, I call out a number and he puts a little 'chip' on that number. If he does it himself, he picks a card and searches for it. Both ways are necessary to learn because he needs to learn to HEAR the number and find it but he must also learn what the number looks like and searching to match it up. He must also learn to work independently .

With Roman moving right into the heart of addition and subtraction, he is loving using counters to get himself familiar with the process. He is learning that he can use anything as a counter! Every morning he enjoys finding what he will use as a counter and then getting to work with it. It gives him something to look forward too but also allows him to have a say in what type of learning he will be doing.

More telling time! This is a simple game and as you can see in the photo, there are actually many more pieces but the key to successful learning, is not to overwhelm the child, where they think the task is impossible before they even begin!

Playing, Spelling, Reading and Writing!!! Puzzle cards are so much fun to my Little. He loves searching for the matches and then putting it together properly! I added more to this simple activity by having him sound out each word and then write it down, saying each letter as he writes it!

Sight Words and Magnets! Same as the writing, but varying it up! He spells the sight words using the magnets and it's so simple but he loves digging through the bin for the right letters. He calls it fishing :)

This is the same game that I mentioned above on the pocket chart but instead it's played with 2 players. You use a sand timer and each person gets the allotted time to get as many matches as possible.

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