Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Simple Sofa Shelf

Midweek and I feel like this one is really dragging. I have a horrible cough that just seems to take the wind out of me with every single breath I take and I just want to stay in bed. Instead we are working on small projects around the house and trying to just keep the rest of the family healthy.

Our latest change is taking place in the living room. Our walls are taking a beating from the couch. With 3 kids and 2 adults in this room the most, it seems obvious that it would happen. We play games here, watch movies and have our evening reading/discussion time here. It was time to make a quick and inexpensive solution. We purchased a piece of wood from HOME DEPOT and 3 brackets from Ikea. 2 coats of black paint allowed to dry overnight + 15 minutes of installation and we were all set!

I'm still working on styling the shelf but for now I am THRILLED! It keeps the couch away from the wall and gives us a little more display space. This entire wall is my next project. 
Here it is as of this morning. I have changed this out often. I plan on picking up some sort of butterfly stems and low flowers for the glass jars. The box on the left holds all of our remotes. The easels hold artwork done by my children and on the far right are some photos from  my trip to Europe.

This is another wall in the living room that needs more work and a lot of help. I am looking to add Words, Letters and more photos.

Happy Wednesday my Friends!

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