Wednesday, April 17, 2013

2 Letter Sight Words

Life is all about learning and I am of the firm belief that you learn something new everyday. It's amazing how this new adventure we have taken into homeschooling has helped me learn so much about myself along with my children. I hope that with each new adventure you all take on, you learn something from it. 
Today's reading worksheet is tackling to 2 letter sight words. I started out just making a list and I was going to have him spell them out with letter tiles but then I got thinking about how easy it would be to make it fun. These raindrops have words on them that have 2 letters. First have your student cut out each rain drop or you can do it for them if you are pressed for time. Go through each raindrop as though it were a flashcard, to familiarize your student with the words.

Once your raindrops are cut out and you have read through them, have your student glue them on to the matching umbrella. This repetition will help the child remember these words. As they are attempting to match up each word, they will also work on spelling the words to double check the match. For a copy of these worksheets GO HERE. Please feel free to use my worksheets or share them, but link back to me if you use them online anywhere.
Thank you everyone out there that checks in with me daily, remember to enjoy every minute!

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