Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bones, Bones, Bones...

Happy Tuesday! I am still in disbelief that April is here! Can you believe that we have now been homeschooling for 2 months? When they say time flies, it's so very true. I am with my children 24-7 now and I still miss them when they go for an overnight with Nana and Grandpa! How is that possible? When we are in the classroom we are so busy having fun that I often wonder if that can be called learning. 

This week, our Science Books have led us to a unit study on the Human Body. We are starting with studying the human skeleton, what better way to begin a new learning adventure, than with a hands on project! I purchased THIS Bones Book & Human Skeleton Model. WOW, was this more successful than I expected. It took us about 2 hours AFTER school and the kids never even yawned, complained or asked if it was almost over!! As we put the model together, we discussed what EACH bone was and passed it around to feel it, then we attempted to touch that bone on our own bodies. It was a lot of fun and such a learning experience for us all. 
I highly recommend hands on studies when your children are learning something. It doesn't even have to cost you too much money. Print out bone worksheets and put together a skeleton using a stapler or even glue, anything you have on hand, then label the pieces together. There are so many resources that a simple google search will help you fulfill your needs. Look at their faces! They are so proud of their hard work and they wanted to keep going! We read several books on the human body and all in all had a very awesome school day, not too bad for a Monday! 
In all of our unit studies, you will find that I always like to find coordinating books, workbooks and the like to have around for the kids to use and enjoy at all times. While we purchase many books new, it's always good to get AWESOME deals on books that can otherwise get pricey! Check out this FANTASTIC web site that lists Book Sales all across the Country!!! Most are at libraries and the links give you all the information you would ever need on tracking down sales close to your local area. You can often go on the last days of these sales and pack a bag for 5.00!!
This is a fabulous worksheet from CRAYOLA that will make it's way to our worktable later on this week as well. As with all worksheets, you can easily adapt it to the type of learners you have at home and their ages. My eldest will take this worksheet as a test and I will remove the vocab box as well as the answer key. My 1st grader will just have the answer key removed and fill in the blanks using the vocab box. My youngest will color that page and then point to the bone as I say the word aloud. There are so many ways to get creative and have fun with anything.
Enjoy every minute!

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