Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fun with Learning!

Happy Thursday! Any big weekend plans out there? Not too much going on for us, just picking up stuff to finish some yard work and the like. Today's post is fairly simple, I spent yesterday making up worksheets for my youngest child. Making your own worksheets allows you to cater the learning of your child to exactly what he or she needs help with and you can also make the type of sheets that your child enjoys. Roman loves to color, so I knew coloring sheets were right up his alley. 
For his addition sheets, I put in the numbers he struggles with along with easy ones, so his confidence is never completely zapped. If he still gets some right, he still feels good about his abilities. 

 On his Sight Word sheet, it's all about what he can read as soon as he sees it, then he colors the ones that he needs to sound out and then together we work on the ones that he struggles with. From there, I know what to use on the next sheet.
Sight Word worksheets are so simple to make, because there are always words to be learned. You could make them with spelling words, phonics sounds, letters, anything at all just make the sheets according to your child's ability. 
The subtraction sheet is a little more complex for my youngest but it turned out to be his favorite. It doesn't matter how much you put into the sheet, just give it a try or feel free to print these out!
Enjoy every moment my friends!

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