Thursday, April 18, 2013

Go Fish!

Why can't it be Friday yet? I've been so busy with little things that I just keep waiting for something gigantic to take me over next. I try so hard to be that person that always sees the silver lining in things, but do you ever get that feeling that in some cases there just is NO silver lining? I want to pray and bring peace to all situations but I am dealing with difficult people that know they are in the wrong but still choose to be those kind of people. I pray for them more than anything but well, sometimes I just want to throw my hands in the air and hope I hit them while I'm doing it! hahaha! 
As we tackle sight words this week, I wanted to do something that shows how you can teach and learn at home without spending any money! A washed out container of Cool Whip holds cereal box letters that are then used to spell Sight Words! This is a fun activity that all can help out with. Manipulatives don't have to break the bank. 
A game of Sight Word Bingo helped out the little guy and gave the big kids a break in the day! This was a lot of fun for everyone, that he didn't even take notice of the sight words he didn't know, just sounded them out and kept going. 
GO FISH! This is the latest of our Sight Words games. It requires foam letters and filling a tub with water. I added them all in and tossed in a few bath buddies that they had all become too old for. This is a great way to get use of toys that are almost ready to be retired. I also used our handy game piece that I wrote about TUESDAY! Roman just had to slide the game piece to be given a two letter word and then he has to say it and spell it. If he has this correct, he needs to FISH for the pieces used to spell the word. Next, he must stick them to the wall of the box and say it and spell it again. 
These tiles are better to use than flashcards here, because they tend to get a bit wet! Do this with just letters if your child is just beginning or shapes, numbers for math...anything you can think of! There are so many variations to the things I post that all ages can and do benefit from them. I have children of 3 different ages and they all have fun doing the different activities as I adjust them for their levels. 
I have to keep reminding myself of this! When I deal with difficult people, I must remember that it is something within themselves that makes them who they are. The battle they are fighting is one they are fighting with themselves. It's too bad that they suffer so much, for this I pray for them that they don't continue to prey on other people for their benefit. Enjoy every minute readers, because we won't get any of these back.

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