Saturday, April 13, 2013

In The Moment...

The weekend is upon us and I am just enjoying it all with my family.
Life is all about moments that we log away and these moments are what we look back upon when we relive our life. Do you live in the moment? 

I absolutely adore watching my children play together, those are moments that truly warm my heart and leave me smiling as I listen to them, watch them and sometimes even join them (if I am invited!). To see siblings get along is something a parent will always treasure. 
Homeschooling is a family affair. I love when I am busy helping out one child, another will step in and help their sibling. It makes a huge difference when you know you are not alone in this adventure. Even if my children are young, they can still learn so much by helping out mom and their brother or sister.
Field trips and outings are moments that not only will I remember but the children will as well. The Littles remember all the fun they had and Mom will remember how much they enjoyed examining every little thing that they came across. As a child, the world is all something of extreme amazement and I wish that we did not lose that when we got older, I wish we too could see it all just as a child does. Why are we in such a hurry to get into a store, why can't we stop to look at that ant, that crayon that was run over in the parking lot, that balloon someone let go as it flies up, up and away?  
Whenever I catch my antsy, active boy stopping to take a moment and draw, is always HUGE! He loves to always be on the go and coloring is very rare for him. New supplies is always a large draw and I know I can lure him in that way. He loved the opportunity to create a masterpiece.

Enjoy every minute friends!

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