Monday, April 15, 2013

Inventors and Their Inventions

Happy Monday! It's time for the launch of our Inventors & Their Inventions Unit of Study. The kids have been so excited about this week that they counted down the weekend, which never happens! They bounced out of bed, ran to the classroom and were seated and ready before I had even started my own breakfast! I love when children get excited about something and when it's learning, well that makes it all the better. 
For this unit, I made them booklets with worksheets and plain paper stapled together. They can take notes on what they learn, do their work and study all with one packet. All worksheets can be found HERE if you would like them. 
One thing I have learned is that these kids absolutely ADORE having unit study booklets with everything in one place. After school ended, they still had them throughout the day as they flipped through and asked questions. They asked if we could go to the library and do more research and if they could add more pages to their books. I am hoping to add Biography pages of the inventors we are studying as well.

Part of our lesson will be to create our own invention. The children will be given an inventor box and be set out on their own. With tools and bits and baubles they can let their imagination run wild. 
As the children study different inventors, we will be adding vocabulary words for them to learn definitions of and the spelling of the words as well. These words will then need to be used in their final writing piece. As we learn each word, they will write the definition on the back of the sheet and once complete, they can remove the page from their booklet if they wish to and use them as flashcards to study.

This is the worksheet that I made up for the kids to write all about what they created from the inventor box. They must use at least 4 of the words from the Vocabulary List and then write all about what they created and how it works or what it does.

Enjoy Every Minute My Friends!

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