Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Learning the Fun Way

I focus a lot of our curriculum on writing as I find it truly important in communication. Writing can portray an image of yourself that you do not even realize is being set out there. Today we are working on contractions in the classroom. Do you have a set focus in your daily studies? Writing and Math are huge over here and I also try to stress reading as much as possible but that is something that we work on outside of the classroom throughout the day as well. 
I got this wonderful list of contractions from Enchanted Learning and it was a great help in launching our lesson today. The color coded lists and the way they break them down is so helpful and also keeps the brain stimulated. It is so easy to find everything you need to supplement an education on the internet. How on earth did people homeschool before this day and age of electronics? Don't get me wrong, my favorite way of learning is still the good old library, but sometimes there are days when you just don't want to pack up the gang and go.

I am a huge fan of hands on learning and incorporate it daily into our lessons but there are still many things that need to be attacked with worksheets and books. When this time comes, I still try and make it as fun as possible so that the children have a good connotation with school. Don't go thinking that our days are all full of sunshine and rainbows but it's pretty darn close. HA.Ha.Ha. No, honestly I lose my temper and sometimes the kids get riled up and want to just play play play. This week has been difficult with the neighbors on Spring Break and outdoors at 7 a.m. The one thing that keeps us all sane in the end is knowing that we all are trying out best and of course that we are always done before noon. I don't get discouraged but sometimes it's easy to get down on myself, when those times come, I just step back, breathe and move onto something different.

This rainbow reference sheet is something I made just for today. It's National Rainbow Day and I figured I would tie it in somehow to our lessons. What I am loving most about this, is that it's so basic, even the youngest can color it and learn. I printed out 4 copies and we all sat with it, saying the words as we colored them. So simple but also fun.

EXACTLY! Enjoy the Day!

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