Friday, May 31, 2013

Digging for Dinos!

Welcome Friday! This weekend, I am on a new mission! After visiting the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit at our local zoo, the kids have been non-stop chatter about dinosaurs and all the cool things that they saw and did. They loved learning about different dinos and then being able to move them as they learned about each one. Hands on exhibits are some of the most fabulous things around for children. 
One of the exhibits allowed the children to dig up dinosaur bones that were buried in rubber pellets, using paint brushes. My 3 kids stayed here for 45 minutes and could have stayed longer if I let them! It was amazing how involved they were and how well they worked together. I knew right away that it was time for mommy to come up with a Dino Dig of their own and turn it into a lesson as well!
First, I am going to start with our thrifty sandbox from years past! You can read all about this HERE! I just plan on using the sand and not the other toys that I normally pop into these boxes. I have a plan on what else I want to add into this box! I plan on adding 2 TOOBS from the Safari Ltd. Collection that are absolutely PERFECT for this! Each child will also get a skinny paint brush from the hardware store for their digging/dusting needs. 
The Dino Skulls Toob and Ancient Fossils Toob are absolutely perfect for going on a Dino Dig! You can shop online for them HERE. I like to buy mine at Michael's or Hobby Lobby and use a 40% off coupon, so that I am saving every way possible.
Once I add all the pieces into the box and then cover them with sand, I plan on making sure the children learn as they play. Each will be given a bucket for their collection along with a clipboard with photos of each fossil that is in the sand. They will then check off the ones that they collect by matching up their find to the proper photo. These checklists are made using the ones on the Safari LTD. site and then adding on a check box as well as the names of the dinosaurs.
Once their dig is complete, they will then do research on the dinosaur skulls and or fossils that they found and write up a research paper on it. It combines so many different subjects in one lesson, that the children will be wondering why we aren't covering more lessons on those days! I will share photos as this progresses! Print out these checklists HERE! 
Truer words were never spoken, then those in the above quote. It makes you realize how simple it really is to raise good children. Enjoy every minute my friends!

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