Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hide Your Crazy!

Hello friends! Today I am writing about a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Normal. I'm someone that loves to throw back my head in raucous laughter and dance to music in my head. I'm definitely NOT what you would call normal and this often times works against me. My children were once in an ultra conservative private school (what a mistake that turned out to be) and from the minute they laid eyes on me, I was enemy #1, because I didn't fit their version of 'normal'. It didn't matter that my beliefs were the same as theirs, it mattered that I didn't look like them. Judgement was passed and it was sad and hurtful to see. 
I often times sit and wonder what is normal anyway? My sons love to play Barbies with my daughter and my daughter loves to dig in the dirt with the boys. They all play soccer and baseball and are happy and healthy. That's all that matters right? Then why do I find myself scolding my children when my daughter begins to twirl like a ballerina in the middle of Target? When my son starts dancing with reckless abandon at the library? Why am I quick to tell them to 'act normal' when all 3 of them decide to spend the day speaking in various accents?? As I get older am I worried about what the outside world will think of my children? If so, why do I care? I see how their faces look as soon as I tell them to stop, but why should they have to? They are not in the way of anyone and not disrespectful in the least, they are in their own world of imaginative play and I just squelched it. 
It's time for us to buck societal pressures and let our children live. As long as they are not disrupting anyone around (yelling, screaming, running in inappropriate places etc.), why are we taking away their spirit? I'm going to let go of what people think and worry about what my children think. What are you going to do?
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