Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's Too Hot To Blog...

I am grateful for this weather but it's HOT HOT HOT. I am loving getting to spend all this time with the kids but we have to get creative to stay cool!
A snack cart is an absolute must, to keep the kids hydrated and everyone snacking healthy!
Planting in the cool soil keep us feeling good but also gives us an excuse to splash with the hose a bit!
A water bottle, hammer and screwdriver make the BEST watering can for little hands! Just poke holes in the cap using the screwdriver and hammer!
Some screen stretched in between scrap wood and screwed into our porch makes the BEST place to clean out goodies while found on our outdoor adventures.
A little bit of soapy water is the best way to stay cool, with a bike and scooter wash!
Add in a bucket of clean water for rinsing and it's become a magnet for hot children!
Time to get ready for beach weather too! This net bag is recycled from oranges that I bought and all I did was save recyclables for castle building and some shovels we got from going on a school tour. Now I have an all-recycled beach bag for each child that allows the sand to fall out of it and if something gets broken, no big deal throwing it away!
Enjoy every minute and take chances everyone! 

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