Friday, May 24, 2013

Outdoor Fun and Learning

Our outdoor patio garden grown from scraps is doing really well. The celery has the most growth and our green onions have been harvested 5 times now!
Keep a garden tray with soil in your kitchen and have your kids drop seeds into the pots as they get a decent grouping together! We have peas and cherries growing so far! Who knows what may happen! Use popsicle sticks to identify what seeds are where.

While transplanting hostas from one part of our yard to another, the littles found these baby ferns! How cute! We transplanted them into a yogurt container for now.

A nature basket is always at the ready for when we head outdoors but it can also be slipped easily into a nylon backpack for a hike! I include homemade nature journals, small flexible ruler, marker, tweezers, sample collection vials and labels.
Enjoy the long weekend my friends!!! Enjoy every minute!

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