Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sight Word Tracker

The weekend is near, I can feel it! Something this family loves to do, is read! With our youngest starting the world of reading, I truly enjoy tracking his progress. It's a great way for him to grow confidence as he sees how far he has come!
*I started by making up an awesome game board to make the tracking progress seem like a game as opposed to just a plain chart or checklist. I wanted to theme to be travel related as opposed to racing, because I wanted him to feel as though he were taking a leisurely stroll through the words, as you would do on a trip and it was not a RACE TO THE FINISH. I do not like putting undue pressure on them. 
**After creating the board, I filled it in with some sight words that came from his next set of phonics readers that he is moving on to. I saved the blank template, so that I could change the words as needed. Each time he fills the board, he gets to pick out a special literacy field trip for our group (Library, Book Store, Story time).
As Roman completes each group of words, he colors the block and adds a sticker to it. This is his way of visually tracking all that he knows and since we sit and do it together, I can hear how he sounds out the words (he was born deaf in one ear, so I have to make sure that it does not affect his speech).
Enjoy every minute my dear friends and remember that we have been given one more day, so make the most of it!

*Blank Board Template can be found HERE*
**Filled in Board can be found HERE**
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