Thursday, May 30, 2013

Teaching Time!

Whoa, where did I go? Sorry to disappear on you all for a bit and then of course not have anything set up to just post ahead of time. For some odd reason, I have been feeling overwhelmed and I just left for our vacation without all of the insane prep work I normally do. We left on a super long weekend and just got back yesterday! It was absolutely fabulous in every way, we even got to see some very cool dinosaurs. Yes, it was a memorable trip, but it was most memorable because we were all together!
Our raised bed garden is doing so well, that I cannot wait for Summer to be in full swing! In fact, yesterdays dinner used so many herbs from our garden, I was just smiling ear to ear! There is really something grand about growing your own food!
As Roman tackles the world of telling time, I have many games that we play along with some worksheets. I like to vary this up a bit by also having crafts tie into our lessons. Some toilet paper and paper towel tubes, along with fasteners (Or use glue/tape if you are only making 1 watch per tube) and a circle punch and we were ready to roll!
I made a blank chart like this, that I could change up times on as often as I liked. If you would like a copy of this page, GO HERE!
I typed in the times that Roman is working on now (quarter after, half past, quarter til) and then filled them in to this worksheet. I stuck this sheet into a page protector, to turn it into a dry erase sheet, so that he can cross off the times that he has already made.
I had already cut the tubes to size and punched the papers. All the supplies sits in a basket at his math station, so he is ready to roll. After making one and showing him how it was done, he was off and running! He was having so much fun that, the other kids wanted to make their own! If you are using this as a classroom exercise, feel free to give everyone only 1 tube and they can make multiple faces that can be changed out with the fastener.
Of course being gone so long and having friends in and out yesterday and today, this sign is MUCH needed!
Enjoy every minute my friends!

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