Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Tuesday everyone!!! My days are all screwed up, because my husband gave me the greatest gift of all for Mother's Day & he gave it to me yesterday!!! We have hectic holidays with a lot of travel and a lot of hustle and bustling that makes it quite tiring. With all the running around and travel, our house takes a big the entire week before in preparation and my Monday is usually full of cleaning, and pulling my hair out, instead of relaxing and unwinding. Yesterday, my husband had the day off and he did all the cleaning and work for me! He allowed me to sit in our library and just enjoy. It was wonderful! 
Friday is when Mexico, where my family is from, celebrates Dia de Los Madres (Mother's Day) and I had been telling my husband recently how much I miss Mexico. He surprised me with a gift of  a Gardenia tree! This tree blooms everywhere in Mexico, but mainly in the parks where we stroll hand in hand every time we are there!! 
 Our pumpkin plants are sprouting like crazy!! It's so amazing to see them come to life and lean towards the sun, trying to get in as much as it can. The kids are absolutely loving the idea of a garden as it takes shape before their eyes.
Saturday, we were in the city of Chicago for National Train Day! It took place at Union Station, and we even took the train there! It was so much fun for everyone, that we still have not stopped talking about it! I love events like this, that are fun for the entire family.

I took the kids to have their pictures taken and because I matched them, the photographer insisted I get in the photo too, blahh! I hate having my photo taken, anyone else feel like that? I'm a fan of being behind the camera. 
Can someone explain to me why the coffee table ends up looking like a tornado blew through EVERY SINGLE DAY??? Oh and not at the end of the day, this is usually by noon!

I hope you all enjoyed every minute of your weekend!

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