Monday, May 6, 2013

Wonderful Weekends

Happy Monday my friends! How was your weekend? What did you do? Please share! We spent the weekend outdoors getting the garden ready and harvesting things that came back up from last year. I love beautiful weather!
The first 2 strawberries of the season have everyone clamoring to have a taste! I hope the animals stay away as we wait for more of them.
The oregano & chives came back full force! It's fantastic to see and the kids were so excited to begin chopping! I love fresh herbs in the kitchen and in all of my cooking.
Our celery that we are growing from the stump of the last batch is starting to sprout, how cool to grow things from cut off ends.

We made our own popsicles with fresh fruit and juice that we squeezed ourselves. I love getting the kids involved in the kitchen.

I made up these fantastic tickets to use in many different situations with the kids! I edit in their names if needed or we print them and the kids make their own things for birthdays and such. So fun!

Enjoy every minute my friends!!

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