Thursday, June 27, 2013

Classroom Tips!

Happy Thursday & Happy Birthday to my marvelous husband!! This is one of the Molten Lava Cupcakes I baked at 11pm last night, so that I could wish him a happy birthday with one right at Midnight! It was a wonderful time together & I wish him many more years of love and happiness. He is an awesome dad and the best husband a girl could ask for.
Worried about class behavior? Do you have some outspoken students? Try rewarding GOOD behavior instead of giving attention to the bad choices being made. This is a pail in which I put names of students that I catch being good. Whether it's helping out someone else, sitting and working quietly, achieving something awesome...anything at all of the sort. At the end of the 2 weeks I pull a name and that person gets to pick from the treasure box. Our treasure box holds a variety of items (Special eraser & Pencil packs, Art Supplies, new books, craft supplies, games etc.) but the most popular items in the box??? TIME WITH YOU cards! They are simple postcards with fun outings on them, that take place outside of the home with a parent and just the winning child. The kids go MAD for these! It's completely obvious how much they love that one on one time. 
One negative about schooling year-round? The non-stop ringing of our doorbell with different neighborhood children asking my kids to go out and play. After the first week of this, I had the kids make a door hanging sign that will go on the backdoor. Now the kids know when to ring the doorbell and when it's not a good idea. I am slipping this through the laminating machine and then we will be in business for the rest of the Summer!
Looking for ways to display art work or to use as a drying rack? This cafe rod is sold inexpensively in a multipack and just hooked onto the wall using cup hooks. I used curtain clips to hold the art work and it's done! Simple, inexpensive and awesome! It allows for multiple small gallery displays throughout a classroom!
Brave the storm and a rainbow will follow. Enjoy every minute my friends!
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