Monday, June 3, 2013

Come on in...

Monday, how did you get here so fast? I hope the weekend treated you all very well! We have been busy, busy, busy but also very happy! Our weekend was full of fun but busy activities. We spent Saturday morning painting doors in our house. The front door got the RED treatment! The frame will eventually be painted black, but one thing at a time right now! Hahaha!!! The hardware is going to be spray painted black ASAP...well ASAP for me and for my husband it's pretty low priority! I also want to completely re-do this front porch. Planters, new mail box and hopefully a new screen door is on the list!
The other exterior doors were painted black and we plan on doing the same with the interior doors! This was definitely a time consuming project but let me tell you, the price of a couple cans of paint made a HUGE HUGE difference in this house!!! I love, love, love how the black looks!
We have begun our family hikes again. We plan on trying out different forest preserves and parks in the area and this is proving to be so fun! We are aiming to do at least 2 a week after dinner. Here the kids are learning how a water pump works and it got everyone pretty excited! It's a good thing we came across this AFTER our hike or this could have easily taken up the entire evening.
We trekked down into swampy areas to see if there were any signs of different animals around. Roman took a water sample here to check out under the microscope and YIIIKKEESSS!!!
The kids followed dog tracks down to the beach, but they suddenly stopped! It was fun watching all the different things they encountered and what they chose to take small samples of.
The first mini golf of the season was AWESOME and quite interesting! We were all incredibly rusty but it was sooo fun! (Pssst....I came in second place!). The interesting part came when we turned our clubs in and the skies opened up and suddenly a lightning storm began with pouring rain! It was incredible to watch from our car.
We spent much of the weekend at Home Depot and Lowes just picking up things for around the house. The kids love riding on these flat bed cars whether it is at Sam's Club or a home store, if it's on wheels, they are trying to hop on!
I spent the entire weekend fueling on this fantastic Iced Mint Green Tea that I made myself at home with MINT FROM OUR GARDEN!!! Even the kids absolutely fell in love with it!!
How to:
1. Boil 4 cups of water in a pan
2. After water is boiling, turn off and add 20 fresh mint leaves and 1 bag of green tea if desired.
3. Let steep for 6 minutes.
4. Remove leaves and Bag
5. Serve over ice!

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