Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Homeschooling Myth #1

What a busy and fun weekend we had but it also left me scratching my head. Not many people know we are homeschooling yet, but it is slowly leaking out. One comment we get too often is about the kids and socialization. The kids and not having any friends or playing with their friends. This is the biggest myth out there about homeschoolers.

1. My kids are in clubs and lessons at the college and library, where they interact with other kids their age and older.
2. My kids see their old friends from school at least twice a month.
3. We are part of a co-op that goes on field trips and gets together for study sessions.
4. My kids are outside daily with the neighborhood children throughout the school year and summer months.

To me, my kids get to actually interact with other children more often than they did when they were in school, they are done with studying by 11 in the morning and the rest of our day is spent at lessons, groups, clubs and the like. My kids do not own electronic devices that keep them from chatting with people when we go to parties, family homes or even hospital visits. Car rides, Plane rides and Train rides are all about talking, reading and getting to socialize and work on the art of conversation. Communication is HUGE in our book and also in many other homeschooling homes. PLEASE do not spread this rumor or mention it when you meet a homeschooling family, if you have questions, always feel free to ask! Teaching our children is our passion and we will often answer anything you want and more!
Why can't we all just let one another educate in peace? There is no right or wrong way to do things, we all just do what is right for us. As long as we are personally doing what we truly believe is right for our children, then that is all that matters.
Enjoy every minute my friend!

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