Thursday, August 22, 2013

Classroom Confessions

Happy Thursday, today I felt would be a great day to let you into my head a little bit! It's a colorful place with too many ideas and thoughts floating around. I would imagine it's much like a tornado if they were colorful and instead of debris, left mountains of glitter everywhere! Today's blog post is all about classroom confessions!
::My desk is always messy. From the beginning of the day, until I head to bed.
::I drink home made iced mint tea non stop throughout my day.
::I have a nasty habit of always sharpening my pencils. I love pointy pencils.
::I love to doodle. I keep a notebook on my desk that is solely for doodles.
::If I am not addressing someone, I am on my computer creating new blog posts to post for when I go away for extended periods of time.
::I use a packing tape dispenser as a cup holder!
::Even though the kids have jobs to clean the shelves every day, I still go over it at night, because I enjoy it.
::I like to run my hands over everything in the drawers and on the shelves.
::When left alone in the house, I come to the floor of the classroom and just stare at it all.
::I rearrange my classroom at least once a week.
::My books all have book pockets in them like a library.
::I hope to one day own my own card catalog!

::I collect containers of all sizes and shapes, even if I do not know what they will be used for at the moment.
::I have photos of my travels throughout the classroom.
::I often wish I had a room like this growing up, I would have never left it.
::We listen to Classical music all day in the classroom and it switches to Country once the day is over.
::Whenever I see a box of crayons on sale, I must buy them. MUST.
::School supplies are my weakness, I love the way they smell and how everything feels new.
::I have to stay out of stores, because no matter what it is, I can find a way to incorporate it in my classroom & even the automotive store was deemed too dangerous for my wallet!

::I doubt myself daily
::I worry about my children
::I love the way a book feels in my hand
::I am grateful that there are people like you all out there reading my ramblings.
I really hope so!

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