Sunday, August 18, 2013

Custom Flashcards!

Happy Sunday! A quick post with something I do often around here. Flashcards tend to get pretty boring over here with the kids studying them daily. When kids outgrow certain games (go fish, memory, matching games, etc.) I go save them in a small shoe box type bin. When the time comes, I take a game and add mailing labels to create something new! I create a new matching game, using Sight Words, Math Problems, Words in Books that are difficult to read, Spelling Words, Vocab Words...anything at all that I feel needs additional practice that isn't a flashcard. NOW its a GAME! The kids love seeing their old games used in a new way and I feel like I am saving a game that may be missing a pair or may be a bit warped, from the trash a little longer.
And play we do! We certainly love homeschooling!! Enjoy every minute of our ever fading weekend my friends!

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