Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Days and Numbers

Hello and happy days my friends! I truly hoped you enjoyed my scheduled postings while I was gone. I tried hard to stay organize and have them done ahead of time, as I am not liking when every weekend it is completely blank in my blog. We spent 5 wonderful days away enjoying a beautiful wedding ceremony that my children stood up in. This was their kindergarten teacher who thoroughly enjoyed having them in class and we all remained close after the fact and now they were in her wedding.  A happy time for all! On our way home on Sunday afternoon, we stopped in the Dells for a night to enjoy time at Great Wolf. Unwinding from a trip where the kids were in constant demand at rehearsals, dinners, breakfasts, brunches, the actual wedding and reception made them quite exhausted and to just float in the lazy river and play silly games made all the difference. 
In today's Corner of my Classroom, I share this little shelf that holds a delightful Science Series of books combined with a religion series that my youngest absolutely loves. As he spends so much time here, I decided to go ahead and incorporate some other items that he would love working with. A small easel sporting calendar numbers allows him to enter the room daily and change out the day of the month that it is.
Young children need to be constantly kept stimulated, even if it's just letting them walk around a bit and this is how I keep my youngest involved. From there he moves to our large calendar and circles the Day of the Week and Writes the Month. This allows him to move and learn at the same time! 
Enjoy every minute my friends.

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