Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lesson in Literacy!

Happy Tuesday! Today was one of those days that I woke up excited for it to be Wednesday and then BAM, I was rapidly stuck with reality of it being only Tuesday. I blame the long night out in the wonderful weather at the ballpark! Oh well, just 1 more day to enjoy, right?? Right???
Last week my neighbor surprised me with this AWESOMELY huge bin of foam shapes. It was going to take FOREVER to sort but well worth the fun in the end. I knew if we didn't sort it, it would hardly get used. We broke it down into Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Letters, Numbers, Shapes. Each category is safely stored in a clear shoe box that allows the kids to see which one they would like.
I knew instantly that the letters would see overtime use. Our first lesson was in spelling. My youngest had to READ his spelling words, then search for each letter to spell that word with. 

As he found a letter he used a paintbrush and dipped it into a cup of water to 'paint' the letter. He then stuck to to the wall of a clear bin! (The now empty foam bin!) This is a great way for him to work on letter recognition, blending sounds as he spells the words slowly and spelling of course!
Enjoy every minute of this TUESDAY my friends!

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