Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Spelling Prep!

It's Saturday and you know what? I'm ready to rush the weekend! My children are off at a sleep over and I wish they were here with me. I finally get that peace & quiet that I desire and yet here I am complaining. How sad! Anyway, today I wanted to share how Roman prepares for his First Grade Spelling Tests!
On Monday, I hand him a typed up list and we read it together. After that we write the flashcards together while saying and spelling the words. Once we have finished that I hand him some stickers and he moves to the reading bench alone. Once he can read a word, he puts a sticker on it. If he can spell the word, he adds a second sticker to it.
On Tuesday, he takes his list words and uses water to 'paint' them on the wall as he searches for each letter and spells the words. This is a fun game that he gets to play as he learns. More information on this HERE!
Wednesday brings Barrel of Monkeys time! He takes his flashcards and our barrel of monkeys and works on spelling each word out. Once it is spelled, he takes our classroom camera (an old digital phone) and photographs his words. This allows him to work alone and me to grade his progress later.
Monday-Wednesday he has to write out each spelling word 5 times. I made the 3 columns right on the back of each flashcard, which makes it easy to keep in 1 place and for him to study as well.
On Thursday he takes the quiz in his notebook and any that he gets wrong, he must rewrite on a new page and copy them 5 times. Friday is TEST day & by this day he is usually more than ready! If he does get any wrong, he just writes it 3 times, to reinforce the word.
Enjoy your week my friends!

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