Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday School Round-Up

Our new school year started on Monday! I know, I know, we school year round but we made it special none-the-less! Fresh supplies were put out, new books had their spines cracked and I added a desk to the classroom. I now have my very own teacher desk, with a new schedule. We spend the first 2 weeks tweaking our schedule and seeing what works for us and what does not. I also spend this time making notes on curriculum.
Organization is key in homeschooling and this year is no different! I purchased a storage unit from The Container Store, to keep everyone's school books, folders and notebooks in line. Everyone has a drawer and this is where they can find everything and put it all away. My master copies of books are also in a drawer!! I plan on finding cute tags to tag the unit properly.
New year, means new decor. There is only so much I can do in a one room classroom but I like to change it up often. New in our classroom is our book garland! These little books get a title written on them when we complete a book and they are displayed for all to see that visit us here. 
They are eager to learn and having a blast working on new books!
This is next week's topic in creative writing and it really has me thinking about what exactly would it be....more on my answer next week. Enjoy the weekend my friends.
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