Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday...

This Thursday as we are out on a new adventure, I want to share some thoughts with you:
::I love being behind the camera
::I really think I am the luckiest wife on earth
::True joy hits me at the most random times and I grin like a crazy person
::I sometimes think I am an insomniac because my life is so Blessed, I don't want to sleep it away
::The best souvenirs are often free
::A simple smile from a stranger has the power to make the day amazing
::I love to dish out 3 compliments a day to strangers
::I find holding hands to be a way to pass strength to someone
I find peace in so many places, that I work them into my routine when I can:
::Book Shoppes are my Shangri la
::Farmers Markets can keep me occupied for hours
::Being in the garden relaxes me
::Charity Shops are my adventure
::Beaches are my playground
Share some wonderful thoughts with me in the comments!! Enjoy every minute my friends.

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