Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Tips & Tools of the Classroom!

It's  Wednesday and honestly? I was thinking it was Thursday already! When battling evil in the real world out there, I tend to want to just bring on the weekend so I can be safely entombed in my own little casa! Anyway though, I told you all about how my husband won't even let me go into a hardware store alone right? Well this is just a small show as to why! These are just a few things that are tools of my classroom!
These drywall hooks dot the classroom, holding colorful pails full of a variety of items. I love that they are low cost but hold serious weight. Now if only I had the patience to spray paint them first!
Cafe rods! These are a dime a dozen and can extend for longer display or shorten for smaller ones. On this one I have a display of flashcards on binder rings. They easily slide on and off as the rod is just supported with cup hooks.
Did someone say cup hooks?! Yup, I use these THE MOST! They are so easy to pop in and leave a barely noticeable pin hole in the wall when you want to move them. I use them to hold things, display posters and clipboards and so much more!
Wooden Dowels! These are AWESOME!! So cheap and they will cut them down for you there! I have small ones for individual pointers, medium ones for pointing to the board and long ones for pointing to posters! Add a colorful and fun eraser on the top and this pointer cost a FRACTION of what they cost at teacher supply shops!
I happen to use yardsticks for what they are supposed to be used for, but the kids? They always get creative with them. This week they made a cross for their CHURCH skit!
These clamps are less than .50 each and they are AMAZING! They clamp tightly and can be used anywhere really! I use them for display purposes, holding papers together, on charts that have multiple pages...everywhere! 
There are so many different tools that I use, I will have to share more in another post!
Enjoy every minute of the day my friends!

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