Thursday, August 29, 2013

Travel & Learn the 50 States!

If there is one thing I love to do, it's travel. I am not satisfied just staying in 1 place and I do not believe any one place is better than the other. I would love to be a nomad, wandering the world on a dime, travelling the States by RV and then flying around the world to catch the rest. I got my taste of Europe, Mexico and South America quite young and was able to visit many places more than once in my life so far. I don't want it to be the end and cannot wait to introduce my children to them. Travelling teaches far more than one can learn in any classroom or from any book and I hope my children get bit by the travel bug as well. 
In Geography we are studying the World with a taste here and there. At the moment we are focusing on the 50 states. The kids are coloring this large map but they had to do a few things first. The states on here are in abbreviations, first they had to figure out the name of the state and write it in under the abbreviation. Next, they had to color in the states as they knew them.
As the kids studied and colored, we played the 50 states song from this book and it's such a catchy tune that the kids LOVED listening to it and even my youngest was singing along by the end of the class. The book and CD can be found HERE!
I made up this sheet of states & capitals for a game but it also make a great review sheet for the kids to work on their memorization. You can get your own copy HERE
50 States Pick em Up Game! Use the other sheet, print it out and cut out each state and capital. Place a state on one side and a capital on the other side. Dump all the sticks out in a pile and take turns picking up a stick (or you can easily play alone!). Pick it up and look at it, if it's a state then you have to say the capital aloud. If it's a capital, you have to say the state aloud.
With each stick you uncover, find that proper abbreviation and fill in this worksheet. Once that is found, color the state by finding it's location. This is a game that takes time, but is fun and the kids learn so easily! It's great because it can also be played alone. This sheet can also be found HERE!
Have a great Thursday my friends and remember to enjoy every minute of it!

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