Friday, August 23, 2013

What Would You Attempt....

If you could not fail?? Such a heavy question but it could be taken many ways as I broached this subject with my children. They had their new notebooks open and pencils sharpened to a point. Before we began our school year, I wanted to start a new tradition. These notebooks would only be written in on the first day of every school year and then as they started college, they would be free to take them with. A memory in the making.
I sat at my desk and asked the children: "What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?" I could see the gears turning and the youngest raised his hand right away. I shushed them and told them to just write it down. Draw a picture if need be, write a story, a sentence...anything at all to describe what you would do and then just date it. That's it. No grades, no right or wrong answers, no correcting your writing. Simple. It was so quiet, that I was a bit unnerved but then I too began to write.
How can a simple question bring to mind so many things? It really made me think and once I started writing, it was almost as though I could not stop. It felt good to put feelings to paper. What would I do? Too many things. My long time dream has been to open up a used book shoppe. Not just anyone in anyplace though. I have an addition on my house that used to be a beauty salon before we moved in and gutted the place. I would put it in there. I live on a main road and know traffic would be good (not that I want it crowded mind you) & well, I have the books. I want bistro tables, light music and chatter going on. I can imagine it every time I close my eyes. That's my attempt in the physical sense, I sketched it out and wrote out so much detail. When it came time to dig deeper, I knew my other attempt would be to just let go. I am a person that is always in control. I like to keep tabs on everything and execute it well. When something does not go to my plan, it bothers me. I wish I could let go and let someone else take over the reins. That would really allow me to live a different life. Could I actually do it? No, but if I was guaranteed not to fail, well then it's worth the shot!
As their notebooks were turned in, I read answers that were silly and serious. Though the answers elicited laughter, I knew the children were serious in their writing and that is all I asked.
Roman: I would jump off the roof. His picture showed him flying through the sky with a blue cape flapping in the breeze. How perfect this answer was, he is the one child that I know will grow up before his time and want freedom from this house as quickly as possible. He has his future all planned out by the age of 5 and I truly hope that his wings (cape) will take him far.

Gabriel: I would go to space. His picture showed a rocket ship taking off. This is my Gabriel, someone not meant for the ordinary jobs of the world. He was always thinking of ways to make things better, never satisfied with what just was. It had to be faster, cooler, different.

Autumn: I would be a Fashion Designer/Scientist. Her picture showed her in her lab wearing the most colorful, ornate and unique lab coat. She went on to explain that she loves Science and wants to do so much when she gets big. There are many things she wants to create and test and experience. Her brain wants her to be a Scientist and she knows it will be fun. She then goes on to explain that Fashion Design is her fun thing to do, something she can do at home instead of watching TV and on the weekends too. This encompasses all of Autumn, she wants to best of both worlds and will never settle for just 1. 

So my friends....I now ask you....what would you attempt, if you knew you could not fail?

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