Friday, May 16, 2014

DIY Water Table

As I have spoken about last summer and the one before that and on and on with my Thrifty sandbox and water table, it is AWESOME! What I started noticing though, is that we get a lot of neighbor kids in the area as well and it was getting a little too wet on the floor when too many kids were involved, which meant wet bottoms on kids. I decided it was time to TAKE A STAND :) Less than 20.00 in PVC and it was ready to go!
It sits inside with our 'water toys' as the PVC glue dries but will then be spray painted and ready to roll!! It took less than an hour to put together and is perfect for bigger kids, as those tiny toddler tables are too short and too small. Great for many lessons, play and fun! We cannot wait to get started! Thanks friends and enjoy every minute!

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