Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Garden Fun!

Another year, another garden! It's time to get moving in the garden and we are READY!! ALWAYS get your littles involved and they will not only be gardeners for life but they will learn to love veggies! I also get art work by my kids in the garden, by giving them rocks and we write herbs on them as little garden markers!

While going paint crazy, I had the kids paint a birdhouse that sits right outside our screen porch so that the kids can bird watch. At the coffee table in the screen porch sit a few bird watching guides!
One thing we love to do is show off artwork that our kids do, so what better way than a DIY rain barrel?! This is made from a steel drum and the kids got to paint all over it!
Each kid got their own side and they spent all morning perfecting their work on one of first nice days of the season!!
After all the work, daddy took over putting in a spigot and sealing their artwork to make sure it would endure the test of time. We also dated it to make sure we would forever remember this day!

Outdoor play also means it's time to get the Bubble Station ready to go!!! What are you looking forward to, now that the weather is nice?

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