Monday, May 12, 2014

In the Country...

How was your Mother's Day everyone? I trust it was spectacular! It went by too quickly for me but oh well it was nice none-the-less. My sweet little Roman got me this pretty lil donut with his own money <3 p="">
On our way to the Mother's Day festivities, we spotted a yard sale just  outside of our town out in the country and we stopped to take a gander and ended up meeting some of the sweetest people ever. It was on a farm and even though we came to browse the farm, the owner and his daughter showed my kids the animals and toured the HUGE property! I could not believe how genuine and wonderful this family was, and after 1 hour of visiting, we were invited over again soon. Isn't it amazing how you meet people at random and they end up taking a special place in your heart? That's why I love about living where I do. So many people complain about the negatives, but me? I choose to focus on the positives, of which there are always many.
I am a big reader, always have been. In fact, my cousins always joke that whenever we were playing together, I was always reading a book that was bigger than I was. This has never changed and never will but a love of reading has been passed onto my children as well. One thing that is a MUST in our house is reading together every night for at least 20 minutes but usually goes on a bit longer. My tip for parents to make this time even more special is to read with coordinating plush characters. They don't have to be the exact one, just something to let the kids visualize the story more and to let them know you put a little bit more thought into it as well!
Spending time with your children as part of a routine gives everyone something to look forward to daily and even gets them to calm down right before bed. It's amazing how the years have sailed by, but our routine has stayed the course...
Remember dear readers, to enjoy every single minute!

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